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Tips on how to play Frisbee

There are many ways throw a Frisbee. The most common way to throw a frisbee would be using the forehand throw. There are also other types of frisbee throws like backhand and hammer throw. This guide will teach you how to hold a frisbee, how to throw a frisbee and last but not least how to catch a frisbee.


The first step would be to stand properly. Stand with your legs at shoulder width apart and your body sideways. Your dominant foot should be facing the direction you are about to throw while your non-dominant foot should be perpendicular to it.

How to throw a frisbee standing position

Using the backhand method

As seen in the pictures above, every finger in your hand needs to be in a certain place. Start by holding the frisbee with the thumb of the dominant hand. The other fingers should be placed below the frisbee in similar fashion to the images shown below.

How To Hold A Frisbee For Backhand Throw Frontview How To Hold A Frisbee For Backhand Throw Backview

For a backhand throw, hold the disc at chest level and pull the disc backwards. Hold it at an angle, as the disc tends to dip.

Release the frisbee when your arm is parallel to the ground, or there is a high likelihood of the frisbee going off course.

Using the forehand method

The forehand method is usually used by people who are more experienced in the game of frisbee. This method is harder to learn as compared to the forehand.

Firstly, establish the correct standing position as shown at the top

Now, flip the frisbee to its underside. Place four fingers, other than then the thumb, flat on the back. Proceed to tuck in the middle and the forefinger inwards, while pointing the index and middle finger outwards.

Flip it back to the upside. Your thumb should be placed in such a way that it is in the same position as the index and middle finger at the back.

How To Hold A Frisbee For Backhand Throw Frontview How To Hold A Frisbee For Backhand Throw Backview

Raise your arm. Your arm should be 90 degrees to your body and parallel to the ground. Tilt your wrist at an angle, pull it back and release.

Catching A Frisbee

There isn't a specific way to catch a frisbee. Some people are able to catch a frisbee with one hand while some people catch a frisbee with two hands, it all depends on the situation. However, the simplest way to catch a frisbee is by using the alligator catch. The alligator catch is a catch that uses 2 hands. When the frisbee approches, perform a clap-like action similar to an alligator closing its mouth.

Tips on disc golf

Disc golf is one of the games to play with a frisbee similar to golf, but it is played with frisbees. A basket will be utilised to serve the purpose of the holes in golf. Read on to find out the rules in this game mode!

Some common terms used in disc golf

Frisbee Golf Basket

This is a basket which serves as the hole for the frisbee to be thrown into


The rectangular marked area where players will stand in to start their game.

The Circle

Roughly 500cm diameter around the basket


When the frisbee falls inside The Circle.

How to play :

For the first round, throw your frisbee from within the tee.

If your frisbee doesn’t land in the basket, you will throw the frisbee from the place where it landed. If it lands outside the zone, a stroke must be added to your score.

When this happens, you can either move the frisbee into the zone, or use your last position before the penalty to throw the frisbee.


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